The decision whether to have an economy remap should not be based on whether you can afford it or not, as with savings of up to 20% improved fuel economy, it will pay for itself in no time.


With the ever increasing cost of fuel it has become even more important to obtain efficiency from engines in order to try and reduce the increasing costs of vehicle ownership. We specialise in economy tuning of all engines, getting particularly good results from turbo diesels.


With Morph Remaps, you don't just get great fuel economy savings, but you will also benefit from increased power & torque providing you with a linear power delivery. 


The pure fact that fuel economy savings are being achieved means that you will also be helping the environment, with your carbon footprint being reduced by up to one-fifth.


We always ask our customers to give us feedback on how their cars are performing. The following customers have had power/economy remaps, so will also be experiencing an increase of up to 35% in performance as well as the fuel savings they have told us about below...


Audi A6 TDI 2.0L ... customer has told us that not only does his car now drive like a 3.0L A6, but his economy has gone from 710 miles per tank up to 845 miles per tank.


Volkswagen Golf GT 2.0L TDI ... customer has said that he is now getting an extra 110 miles a tank, and as a result is booking in his other vehicles to be remapped.

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