What is remapping?

Since the late 90's, all vehicles are controlled by an onboard computer which is known as an ECU (Electronic Control Unit).  The ECU contains both the hardware and the software for the running of the vehicle and effectively acts as its 'brain'.   The software is normally stored in a microcontroller which processes the inputs from the vehicle sensors in real time and in turn controls functions such as fuelling, ignition timing and boost pressure.


Within this computer, a file stores the manufacturers settings (also known as maps).  At Morph Remaps, we can optimise these settings and subsequently make improvements in your vehicles fuel efficiency, power output and responsiveness.

Why don't the manufacturers put these settings on the vehicle as standard?

Most vehicle manufacturers produce their vehicles for the global market, but this means that the engines will have to deal with enormous operational ranges.  As you will appreciate the environmental variations in air temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure will be completely different in a desert compared to up a mountain compared to by the coast.  Manufacturers need to make the vehicles capable of working in the harshest of environments.


Combine this with the fact the manufacturers need to cater for variable fuel quality across the world, poor or even non-existent servicing schedules and varying fuel economy/ exhaust emission regulations, and you can understand the one-size-fits-all set of parameters have to be very restrictive.  The ECU effectively has to be the lowest common denominator of all of these factors.


Furthermore, to reduce costs, the manufacturers tend to use more modular engine designs and it is then common place for them to remap the engines to provide varying levels of performance or economy.  They will then sell the higher output or more efficient models at inflated prices, despite them consisting of exactly the same engines and components.  This alone highlights the tolerances available.


We optimise the software that runs your engine by removing these limitations, so you can enjoy the vehicle the way it was intended to be, yet still maintain necessary reserves to ensure absolute reliability.

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